Commercial Aluminum Siding

Appreciated by home and business owners for its unmatched durability, aluminum siding has shed its old stigma and is now regaining the popularity it once enjoyed. Once regarded as some of the most sturdy building cladding available, aluminum siding did suffer from the idea that it wasn’t as visually appealing as newer siding options. After taking a backseat to more innovative products, such as fiber cement and engineered wood siding, aluminum siding is enjoying a resurgence in demand, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and inventive use of materials.

The benefits of choosing aluminum include the option to choose from a wide variety of colors. The colored finish permeates into the material, making the acrylic far less likely to chip, fade or scratch. With textures that vary from heavy grain (like cedar) to satin smooth, aluminum siding offers homeowners and designers a customized look.

Being virtually maintenance free, aluminum simply requires a routine washing with mild soap and water to keep it looking attractive and new. Though the need rarely comes up, even in New England’s climate, aluminum siding can also be painted. It is also known to be insect resistant and is impervious to fire. Though it can be more expensive than vinyl options, aluminum siding is worth the extra cost because of its many benefits.

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  • Durable

  • Low Maintenance

  • Versatile

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